Saturday, October 3, 2009

Minglesticks are a Unique Corporate Christmas Gift

Once again it's the time of year when Personal Assistants are asked to start thinking about ordering those unique corporate Christmas Gifts.

As in past years the Personal Assistant (PA) will turn to the Internet and probably a couple dozen Catalogs sent from past suppliers in the hope that one or more of their products will be chosen again this year.

But if the PA is the sort of person who is usually employed to assist the Boss, she will be looking for something special to suggest. She'll probably be looking for something that will put them both in a good light with the client, and possibly their own Marketing Director and or shareholders too. In these stressful and uncertain economic times it is wise to err on the side of prudence.

So how does a PA find such a unique present that not everyone has yet, will be extremely useful to the client or customer, will remind them frequently of where they got the present from, and is most likely to be the best promotional tool available for the Company for the coming year. So where can a forward thinking PA find such a unique corporate Christmas gift?

Well, as strange as it sounds all she has to do is mingle to hear about the Minglestick.

A Minglestick is the technological replacement of the business card. A Minglestick gives more than just a person's name, address and phone number or as little as a person wants another person to have access to.

Minglesticks can be carried on a lanyard, key chain or key ring so you never leave home or the office again without your Minglestick business card replacement. Point and click is all it takes to plug and play even when you're away. Now with your company logo emblazoned discreetly for all to see when people swap contact details can you think of any better exposure for such a small price?

So if you are looking for a really unique corporate Christmas gift for special clients what better way do you have than to remind them every time they collect someone else's contact details that you are 'the company' that they do business with?

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